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Born in the busy city of Seoul, Chung Jae Lee was surrounded by food from the beginning. Koreans love to eat and food must be delicious. Growing up with parents who always had businesses associated with food – restaurants, bars and greengrocers – saw his passion for food grow. Growing up in Seoul gave Chung Jae a beautiful culture, which he has combined with his way of life here. In Seoul there are four distinctive seasons and various foods that Koreans love to eat in the unique seasons. In summer it is cold noodles, in autumn a lot of fruit, winter, of course, a lot of soups and in spring fresh micro herbs, sprouts and anything that is fresh from the ground. One of Chung Jae’s favourite styles of eating is the barbecue. The district where Chung Jae was born and grew up, the Mapo district, is where the Korean barbecue originated. After watching many documentaries & advertising Chung Jae decided to emigrate and has now lived in 3 different states, NSW, SA and NT.

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Chung Jae on Food Safari - Back in 2007 Chung Jae was a guest on Maeve O'Meara's SBS television show Food Safari.
Chung Jae Lee @ Seoul Food - Check out chef Chung Jae Lee at Seoul Food in the Northern Territory.

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Green Tea Bread Loafs - A great  variation on your traditional Aussie bread. Ingredients: 3 grams green tea powder 130 grams Strong flour (bread flour) 20 grams plain flour 10 grams sugar 2 grams salt 2 grams instant dry yeast 90 – 95 ml warm water 1 egg 10 grams softened  butter These Toppings are great to make a sandwich […]
Marinated Duck Breast - My mum tells me there is a special nutrient in duck meat that prevents you from suffering a stroke. This is told from generation to generation and as duck is quite expensive in Seoul whenever my mum comes to visit she makes me cook this particular dish for her MANY times. Ingredients: 4 meaty duck […]

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Stainless Steel Chopstick and Spoon Sets - Gorgeous set of stainless steel chopsticks with matching spoon. Great gift or treat yourself. Used in every Korean household and very hygenic.

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Chung Jae has been awarded some of the finest titles in Adelaide and Australia. Below is a list of the awards received by Chung Jae.


Awarded Australian Good Food Guide chef Hat


Winner of “Award for Excellence” Best Chef  SA

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